The secret is out, Paulie B. Esq. is BATMAN, but he's also Esquire, The Creative, Brilliant, PLAYBOY, The King of PoP, Digital D-Boy, to sum it all up he is The Creative GOD! He was born with a gift to make things PoP!

Esquire has a strong track record as a creative director, innovator and artist. His passion for bringing visions to life is undeniable. Whether it's branding, designing, decor, graphics, event themes, campaigns, art or marketing, he leads a great team on every endeavor. He enjoys working with many people and companies big and small to help them innovate, start their dreams or rebuild their brand. He motivates and inspires those around him to be a part of something greater and tap into their full potential of skills. Esquire has the ability to inspire those to visualize with new perspective and open mindedness.

For about 10 years, Esquire was a professional graphic and web designer. Three years ago he started to slowly transition his skillset to a different art medium where he has been able to fully tap into his interests and evolve his skills. As he started to explore becoming a visual artist, he knew he could be completely happy creating art. In 2015, his work was well-received at his first art show for DC Art All Night, which took place at Fathom Comics.

Esquire will not be able to give up assisting entrepreneurs, the root and core that he relates to so closely. He will continue to assist them in following their dreams, creating brands, campaigns or helping them understand the best practices of running a successful business. He will offer these services on a referral basis, but will continue to focus on his destiny as a PoP artist. Any opportunity to be creative and supportive of others in their dream is taken seriously.

There is always more to a name, than just a name. All the credit goes to his path of growth, he has become a PoP icon, on the path of becoming a great artistic influence.

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I Got iSSues is Esquire's current art campaign, where he takes various well known magazine brands and creates his version through art. We all have issues, and at some point we must admit it whether good or bad. This is Esquire's way of admitting his through creativity, so often these covers will have a message in them that relates to him or what he's going through.