Paulie B. Esq. aka Esquire exists in a world of his own. What people usually fantasize about he creates. He lives a life where creativity is the key to happiness & success. Beneath his charm, his wealth + gadgets; He's a driven, persuasive, self-motivated, self-taught, unflinching, calculating Creative PLAYBOY. Welcome to his world, his life, his imagination. Walk with him as he makes what he wants, how he wants and pursues life and all its luxuries.

Phone Tap is an audio & visual campaign from the PYREX Project letting you into the Life + Times of the Digital D-Boy Paulie B. Esq.

While on the phone with Love, he often confesses to her things that other's may not know about him, his brand, situations and operations. He understands that he has issues & he's trying to deal with them, but sometimes that's easier said then done. Unaware that his calls are being recorded by Ms. Love, he's blind to the fact that he's being setup.

This piece represents the personal life of entrepreneurs of all types that have a significant other while building or maintaining a brand/business. We often get so caught up into our work so much, we forget about their needs & attention. This is not done intentionally we just lose track of time and our personal life when pursuing these careers and goals.

This is why often she must remind us of what we have and to take a break for a minute to enjoy life & all it's pleasurable moments. After all, she's one of the main reasons we do it for. To make sure in the end she's spoiled and want for nothing.

Get Nice.
Get Right.
Get Fueled.

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I Got iSSues is Esquire's current art campaign, where he takes various well known magazine brands and creates his version through art. We all have issues, and at some point we must admit it whether good or bad. This is Esquire's way of admitting his through creativity, so often these covers will have a message in them that relates to him or what he's going through.